One of the most visually compelling qualities of the Bonnaroo experience is the tent city. In our initial thinking about this project we were continuously drawn to the images of the camping areas - the density of tents, the vibrant colors, the diversity and haphazardness of angled forms. Our project uses both an old-fashioned, traditional tent material (canvas) and a common, modern tent material (ripstop nylon) in an inverted canopy of tent-like forms. The intense, direct light from the skylight adds a continuous day glow to the materials (just as one experiences within a tent or under a tarp while camping). We hope that the Nashville airport traveller (destined for Bonnaroo or elsewhere)–through either a distant glimpse of the brightly illuminated forms or by walking directly underneath–will feel the intensity of the geometries and colors and be reminded of their own camping experiences (tent mornings with the early, warm sun, lazy dozing afternoon naps, late night conversations lit by flashlight).

Funded by the Bonnaroo Works Fund, the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Arts at the Airport

[Collaboration with Sarah West.]